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An Introduction to Dr. Adi Jaffe’s New Approach for
Overcoming Addiction Without Shame, Judgment, or Rules
Introducing the IGNTD RECOVERY METHOD including:
  •  Details of Adi’s personal story 
  •  The Mythology of Addiction and how it gets in your way 
  •  Important research that will shift your thinking, sense of hope,  
  • and success
  •  An explanation of the IGNTD principles and 9 steps to personalize your path 
  •  You can start where you are and where you want to go 
Warning: Reading This Book May Change Your Life
People LOVE The Abstinence Myth and IGNTD Recovery
“A fresh and much-needed perspective. Though his methodical research and personal
life experience, Dr. Jaffe exposes some of the most dangerous myths in the recovery
movement. This book is not only educational and eye opening, it is transformational for
anyone struggling with addiction. Thank you Dr. Jaffe.”
 —Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind

“ I cannot speak highly enough about the [IGNTD] work. I could probably write a book on
just how much your methods have changed my life.”
—IGNTD Recovery participant

“Dr. Jaffe, thank you for the most amazing experience that has changed my life forever,
and for publicly sharing the story of your personal struggles... [It] gave me hope and
confidence that I could change my behavior. I am excited for my future.”
 —workshop participant, Savannah, GA

“I feel so lucky to have found the IGNTD Recovery. It has been such an amazing mind
shift to see that as my whole life improves my problems with substances also
improve.” —IGNTD Recovery participant

"Having Dr. Jaffe's help to get to the bottom of the problem and to dig deeper than just
the substance abuse was tremendously helpful. Adi is a very positive person who helped
transform my life in many ways besides helping with my substance abuse issues."
—client, AM, Denver, CO

“What a relief to find IGNTD! I’ve tried other treatments for years but always hit a wall. If I
questioned the program, I was told that I wasn't trying hard enough. It never felt like a
good fit. It's great to be heard.” —IGNTD Recovery participant
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