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IGNTD Recovery does away with the notion that people with addiction problems are all helpless addicts that are doomed to a life of suffering. Throwing away the silly (and unsupported by research) notion that ANYONE who needs help must commit to quitting everything forever, IGNTD Recovery gets to the core of the problem in a nonjudgmental, convenient and affordable way that has NEVER before been available. So if you, or someone else you know, needs to make a change, let us ignite you!
you will immediately learn:
  • ​ How to believe in yourself again
  • ​ How to overcome the reasons underlying your problems 
  • ​ To finally understand why you struggle and what you can do about it
  • ​ To stop being afraid and start feeling excited and proud again
  • ​ How to finally end your pain and struggle with addiction
  • ​ How to move forward and start the next chapter of your life 
Adi Jaffe, Ph.D. is a nationally recognized expert on mental health, addiction and stigma. He lectures in the Psychology department at UCLA and was the Executive-Director and Co-Founder of one of the most progressive mental health treatment facilities in the country.

Dr. Jaffe attended UCLA, graduating with a B.A. in psychology. It was during his undergraduate career that Adi began struggling with drug issues himself, eventually leading to a 4 year hiatus from studies and into a life of drugs and addiction. Adi's life had hit rock bottom when he was arrested and thrown in jail on drug related charges. After serving a year-long jail sentence, Adi began rebuilding his life. This eventually led to his attainment of a Ph.D. from UCLA's top-rated doctoral program in psychology, where he graduated with honors. 

Today, Dr. Adi Jaffe is well known through his views and research on addiction. He has been published in dozens of journals and online publications including All About Addiction and Psychology Today. He has also appeared on numerous television shows and documentaries offering his expert analysis on the problem of addiction in society today. In all venues, Dr. Adi Jaffe combines personal experience with a decade’s worth of fine-detail research regarding the mechanisms involved in the addictive process. 

In all venues, Dr. Adi Jaffe combines personal experience with over a decade’s worth of fine-detail research to provide his clients with an incredibly effective and uplifting path that moves them far beyond their addiction problems. 
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Do I have to quit to be able to participate in the course?
NO! According to my clients, that is one of the best aspects of the IGNTD Recovery program. You don’t make any change until you are ready, empowered and feeling good about it. Deprivation creates stress and stress makes us act out. The point is to absorb the information in a state of mind that is positive and hopeful – so you will never be asked to make a change before you are ready to embrace it.
Who is this course for?
The IGNTD Recovery course is a perfect fit for ANYONE who is serious about changing either their own substance use or compulsive behaviors or anyone who has a close loved one who is in need of help. Participation in the course will help both those who struggle AND their family members understand the problem in a new way, discover new approaches to resolving their problems and identify and develop a comprehensive and individualized path forward.

It is NOT a good fit for those who have a strong physical addiction to alcohol – finding yourself physically dependent and suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms – such as delirium tremens or hallucinations – upon your attempts to quit or cut back. These individuals can greatly benefit from this course but may require medically supervised detoxification to stop their substance use first. 
I've heard of rehab, but can a course really help me or my loved one?
Rehab is expensive, requires a complete restructuring of life and most people are completely resistant to it. This is why only 10% of people who need help go to rehab. This course provides a much more flexible solution by removing the cost and time factors associated with most treatment. By learning about the science behind addiction AS WELL as being guided through a structured plan for creating a life free of addiction, our clients experience substantial relief from their problems. Many of our clients have been to MULTIPLE rehabs and still tell us that the course was incredibly more helpful than most treatment they've received!
I know this is a six-week course, but can I finish it sooner?
I love it when people are serious about getting help and YES! This course is self-paced and you can take a year, or a few weeks to finish it. What's important is that you follow the structure, because every piece builds on the material before it. The beautiful thing is that you will actually get access for a full 12-months, so you can take your time or revisit any section of the course that you need to brush up on EVEN after you've finished. Try doing that with rehab!
I struggle with more than just my addiction, will the course help me with that?
YES!!! Yes. And... yes. The entire premise of the IGNTD Recovery approach is that other treatment centers, rehabs and programs place FAR too much emphasis on the addictive behavior itself and not on the factors driving it. Almost all of our member struggle with anxiety, depression, sleep problems, stress, attention issues, trauma, major loss (life, job, relationship) or self-esteem issues. If you struggle with other issues, not only will you feel right at home, but you'll finally feel heard!
I know that community is important for recovery, how do I get that with the course?
Anyone who enrolls in the course gets access to our CLOSED IGNTD Recovery Facebook group where other members and moderators can support you through changes. And for those who participate in our Recovery Platinum program, there are annual private events where all members gather to create a special, one-of-a-kind recovery community that doesn't exist ANYWHERE else!
I've relapsed and want to try again, but I've done everything there is and feel hopeless. What should I do?
The IGNTD Recovery course is unlike ANYTHING else that's out there. By eliminating the shame associated with addiction issues and relapse, we help our clients completely rethink the problem and develop solutions they've never even realized were possible. By participating you will learn WHY it is wrong to fear relapses and why the old systems set up to treat addiction are so flawed they actually HURT clients! IGNTD Recovery starts out by helping you address your addiction issues but ends up improving EVERY aspect of your life. 
i'm scared i won't follow through on this, i've done that before!
Great! Then IGNTD Recovery is exactly for you. The beauty of this program is that it is DESIGNED for people who give up and lack follow through. Our people are the ones who have quit other programs, half read self-help books, never stick to diets, and zealously start various craft and art projects without bringing them to completion. In the IGNTD Recovery Course you learn that it is not in the completion of any one task, and not in how perfect you do it - there are no grades, there is no certificate of completion at the end. Everything you do adds up. I have created this course so that you literally CANNOT fail. 
i want to do this, but i don't have the money!
I love this objection, because odds are you spend more money on alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, massage parlors, gambling or eating out than this entire course costs. You also spend a TON of money on the things that go along with everything you're doing right now - the uber/cab rides, the website subscription fees, the doctor visits and hangover cures, etc., and you also spend lots of money on cleaning it all up with emergency therapy sessions, lavish gifts to make up for mistakes, or simply hotel rooms to crash when you're on the "outs" with your family. In reality, this course will actually SAVE you money.

Since doing this work in my own life, I have saved more money than I had EVER been able to in life. This doesn't even account for the extra money you're going to be able to bring in at work because you're simply going to be better!
There's also the obvious and insidious cost of all the things money can't buy you and that are getting messed up EVERY SINGLE DAY - missed life experiences, ruined relationships, shame, pain and hopelesness. There is no way to buy time or a life. Since doing this work I have traveled the world, developed the most incredible relationship with my wife, started a podcast, helped hundreds of people, moved to a bigger and more beautiful house and set out on my own to control my schedule and create the life I want. There is NO price for that.

Please hear me on this: whether it is this program, a gym membership, a therapist, or another resource you need - WHATEVER IT IS - invest in your self and in your recovery. That INVESTMENT will pay off more handsomely than anything else - and you should get THE BEST! Because you are worth it.
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