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  •  #1 - Why Beating Addiction is NOT about Quitting (What I Discovered Through Research Over 12 Years) And How To Get Rid of Your Addiction Forever, Even If You’ve Tried Every Other Method.
  •  #2 - The "Holy Crap, I Didn’t Know I Could Do That" Plan That's Exactly What You Need To Beat Your Addiction Now...AND That Gave Me So Much MORE Out Of My Life By Doing LESS!
  •  #3 - My "TYPT Method" (Turn Your Pain To Triumph) To Immediately Transform Your Struggle Into SUCCESS...With NO More Ruined Relationships, Rehabs, Or Embarrassment! (This Is The Missing Piece You've Been Looking For)
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You will Discover, “How to BEAT addiction without paying a fortune for rehab or having to quit forver!”
What You'll Learn In This Free Presentation...
The 3 secrets to this revolutionary approach!
Secret #1:
It's not about
While everyone wants to focus on the most obvious, there's a whole other target that is REQUIRED to beat addiction FOREVER!
Secret #2:
get the best expert to work for you 24/7/365!
Learn how to put the world's best experts to work for you ANYTIME without scheduling conflicts, vacations, or extra money!
Secret #3:
Create the EXACT support you need!
Discover how to make changes stick FOREVER and stop fighting with loved ones about the RIGHT way to get control!
Dr. Jaffe Changed My Life!
"After going through many different types of treatment, I was lucky to find Dr. Adi Jaffe... Going through 12-step programs before felt extremely uncomfortable for me personally and felt outdated. Having Dr. Jaffe help get to the bottom of the problem was tremendously helpful to dig deeper than just the substance abuse. Adi is a very positive person who helped transform my life in many ways besides helping with my substance abuse issues."
AM, Denver CO (Name withheld for anonymity)
“Dr. Jaffe, thank you for the most amazing experience that has changed my life forever. Everything you are doing is so amazing! Thank you for publicly sharing your story of your personal struggles... [It] provided me not only with hope but the confidence that I could change my behavior. I am excited for my future.”

C, Savannah, GA (Name withheld for anonymity)
Recovery That Actually Works
Dr. Adi Jaffe has been approaching recovery from addiction differently since the days of his own struggles. Through his research, clinical work and his own treatment center, Alternatives, he has been bringing this different approach to those who could afford and make the time to see him. But finally, through IGNTD, Dr. Jaffe is able to bring this revolution to the broader world and allow ANYONE who is struggling with drugs, alcohol, or compulsive habits to get REAL change from the comfort of their own home.
It's Not About The Drugs or Alcohol...
IGNTD Recovery does away with the notion that people with drinking problems are all helpless alcoholics that are doomed to a life of suffering. Throwing away the silly (and unsupported by research) notion that ANYONE who needs help must commit to lifelong abstinence from everything, IGNTD Recovery gets to the core of the problem in a nonjudgmental, convenient and affordable way that has NEVER before been available. So if you, or someone else you know, needs to make a change, let us ignite you! 
Finally A Program That Fits Your Schedule
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